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What is Virtual Private Networking (VPN)? What does it mean to small business?



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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Datasheet




"Putting VPNs to Work for Small Businesses  and  Offices"






The Internet has forever changed the way we do business. Virtual Private Networks are transforming the daily method of doing business   faster than any other technology on the Internet. The primary reason is that VPN allows businesses to drastically reduce the cost of communicating to remote offices and remote users over traditional telecom methods.

VPN's are private network overlays on the public Internet. A VPN provides secure communications between several points, sort of like an "express lane" on the information superhighway, where   communications travel along the Internet but are encrypted for security. These express lanes are called "tunnels" in techie talk.

The effects a VPN can have on an organization are dramatic:   Transmission costs can be dramatically reduced by as much as 40-50%. When comparing the traditional cost of Remote Access Servers (RAS) versus today's Internet VPN, the cost savings are eye-popping.

The advantages of VPN used to be available only to large businesses before. But now with OneGate by FreeGate small businesses of 2 to 200 users can gain the same significant cost savings as big businesses.

VPN saves you money and provides security for connecting branch offices and remote users. FreeGate's VPN software transparently and securely interconnects remote users and branch offices to the corporate LAN using the Internet. Therefore, FreeGate VPN software cost effectively expands reach of your   network to provide end users access to central resources at any time from anywhere.

FreeGate VPN software provide two type of services on the OneGate 1000 and OneGate 150:
I. OneGate Remote VPN <Insert diagram of Remote Access configuration>
II. OneGate Branch VPN (Insert diagram of Branch VPN configuration

I. OneGate Remote Access VPN
  FreeGate's Remote Access VPN software enables telecommuters and mobile users with a Windows 95/NT computer to reach other locations you have through local dial-up ISP access thereby saving  on long distance charges.

  • Standard Windows Client
  • Telecommuter and Mobile users only need to get Microsoft's standard PPTP (point to point tunneling protocol) dial-up software, which is available for free for both Windows 95 and Windows 98.
  • Works with all Internet Service Providers (ISP's)
  • ISPs do not need to install any special software as the link (called a tunnel) is established directly between the end user and the FreeGate system using standard PPP authentication   mechanism like PAP and CHAP. This makes it easy for the ISP to serve you immediately.
  • RSA based Standards Encryption
  • FreeGate's Remote Access VPN software includes robust RC4 encryption licensed from RSA (the defacto standard for security on the Internet) to ensure that all communication   between the remote user and the corporate server is totally secure.
  • Integrated with FreeGate's internal Firewall
  • Using FreeGate's Remote Access VPN software, companies can now cost effectively and securely deploy intranet (internal web) applications and include all remote users.

II. OneGate Branch VPN
FreeGate's Branch VPN software interconnects multiple FreeGate systems to form a corporate-wide "internal intranet network" using   the public Internet as the wide area network that normally would be provided by long distance service from long distance companies or expensive telephone leased lines.

  • Industry Standard Security
  • Security is implemented using the most widely accepted industry standard IP Security (IPSec) protocol to provide investment protection and interoperability.
  • Strong Flexible Encryption
  • FreeGate's Branch VPN offers a choice of DES, 3DES or RSA's RC2 encryption algorithms.
  • Transparency
  • With FreeGate's Branch VPN, users at branch offices have access to email directories, files and other corporate information as if they were physically at the corporate site.
  • Integrated Management
  • Common administration framework simplifies management and administration making it easier to deploy Branch VPN within the company.  

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