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FreeGate Networks is an Australian IT innovator which has created unique solutions in Broadband transmission to the hospitality industry.

In conjunction with Aastra France, EONA France, Anevia France and Seddon Enterprises group of companies FreeGate Networks has produced a product by which hotels, motels and other hospitality institutions can offer patrons Video on Demand, IPTV Free-to-Air & PayTV, IP Telephony, wired and wireless access to the Net anywhere in the establishment using existing telephone wiring.

Additionally, FreeGate Networks can make available a variety of electronic In-Room Entertainment opportunities from selected providers.

Structured for cost-effective utilization, it is particularly attractive to small operators who are not required to expend large capital sums in infrastructure.

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FreeGate Customers can access the web based FreeGate Mail by clicking here... FreeGate E-Mail